Hardshell jackets

How do you ensure your Gore-Tex® Hardshell Jackets not only look their best, but also perform at their best for maybe decades? From ski jackets before they’re put away after a great season to the hand-me-down Gore-Tex jacket from your dad – our product team has put together a simple guide to help all of your jackets both last and look great as long as possible.

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Care instructions for hardshell jackets

The easy Hardshell Jacket cleaning guide

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Before anything else, be sure to check all pockets on your jacket are empty before zipping them closed. Fasten all straps, vents, buttons – including the main zip down the front – ease any tension from drawcords and loosen and secure any Velcro cuffs. Be sure to dust and shake off any caked-on dirt that you can see. Think of this step like preparing your jacket for a showroom, ready to be put on display in a store before you put it in to be washed.

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To clean, we recommend using an eco-friendly washing liquid made for sport garments. Make sure to double check the instructions on the tag of your product and always follow those instructions if they differ. Avoid powder detergents or products containing stain removers or bleach as these could impact the garment’s performance. Never use any fabric softener. These will harm the membrane of the jacket beyond repair.

Choose the right detergent for your hardshell jacket

It is a common misconception that washing your jacket in a washing machine will harm the material. The truth is the contrary; a regular wash will help to extend the life of your jacket. With that said, after Step 1, pop your jacket into the washing machine as you would any other item of clothing. Set your machine to a 30°C cycle (wash cold 65-85F), ideally with double rinse and low-spin. If your machine doesn’t have rinse and low-spin capabilities, choose for a delicate wash like you would for cotton. The key is a setting that handles the jacket gently – so often slower, longer settings are the way to go.


Once done with the wash itself, the best place to dry the jacket is a tumble dryer for 40 minutes. This step not only gives an all-over dry, it also helps re-activate the durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment of the jacket better protecting it - and you - from water, damage and the elements. As soon as your jacket is dry from the machine, you will want to test it to make sure it still resists water. To do this, simply drip some water onto the dry jacket. Does your garment make the water roll off the surface? If it does, you are ready to go.

Water rolls off the outer material

If water no longer rolls off the dry jacket (even after activating the DWR in the dryer), treat the outer material of the garment with a DWR product. We recommend an eco-friendly one, commonly available from outdoor retailers. When applying the DWR product, follow the instructions of the product, always do it outdoors and be sure to focus on high-wear areas - namely the shoulder and upper back.

The jacket is impregnated