Backpacks - Support Image

Empty your backpack and shake off dirt. A vacuum cleaner can also be helpful here. If you do not plan to clean the pack's interior, we recommend closing all zippers before washing.

Less is more when it comes to detergent and, most of the time, lukewarm water is enough. With the help of a soft brush, gently wash away sweat and dirt. For more persistent stains, add a touch of mild detergent, soap or baby shampoo.

Avoid hot water and machine washing to prevent fabric shrinkage and general damage.

If you closed the zippers before washing, be sure to open them now.

Hang dry your backpack in a well-ventilated room or shady spot outside. Avoid driers and other heat sources, including the sun.

Generally, your backpack should be dry within 12 hours, however drying time can vary depending on the size of the pack and conditions like humidity.

Water-repellent treatments protect your gear from light rain, but they wear off over time. If you notice your pack's water repellency is no longer performing (i.e. water soaks through rather than beading off), it's time for a refresh. We recommend using an eco-friendly textile impregnation spray, which you can find at your local outdoor retailer. Follow the application instructions on your spray of choice for best results.

Take care not to overload your backpack with heavy objects, which can damage the back panel.

When not in use, store your backpack in a dark and dry place with all buckles closed, including the hip belt and chest strap. Be sure to remove all food (even non-perishable), which could attract mice or mould.