Liquid Chalk Sender 100 ml

Liquid Chalk Sender 100 ml - neutral, one size product image

Liquid Chalk Sender 100 ml - neutral, one size

    • 2050-00180

    • Cut


    • Extra long-lasting
    • Low dust emission, specially developed for climbing halls
    • Made in EU


    Mammut Pro Team athlete Jakob Schubert swears by it: Liquid Chalk Sender uses an innovative formula of liquid chalk that dries the skin faster and keeps it dry for longer. It is ideal as an extra-dry base layer. Apply the liquid chalk before your next route. It dries in no time and you’re ready to go straight away. Jakob Schubert isn't the only one who can master great routes with it; you can benefit from Liquid Chalk Sender too. The practical 100-ml size is ideal for carrying in your hand baggage on flights. Developed specially for climbing gyms.