Adam Ondra Mammut Athlet

Watch the story of Adam Ondra finally completing the Bombardino (9a+/b) and Bomba (9b) projects, 10 years after he first bolted the routes. When placing the first bolts on the imposing limestone crag just above Arco back in 2011, Ondra suspected the routes were going to be around the 8c mark. But he was wrong. The redpoint came over a decade later, with Ondra finally completing the grueling Bombardino and Bomba projects in March 2022. Watch the Czech climber at his explosive best in this new short film, also featuring Alfredo Webber, Pietro Dal Prà and Jakob Schubert.

Adam Ondra Mammut Athlet
Ondra: The story of Bombardino and Bomba
Adam Ondra Mammut Athlet
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Adam Ondra Mammut Athlet

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