The right gear matters. That’s why we’ve been developing ropes to meet the specific demands of all types of climbers since 1862. Check out our range of highly specialized ropes for indoor, crag, alpine and ice climbing, and discover which rope is the perfect partner for your next project.

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Our Alpine ropes are made to master mixed ice and rock in the mountains. Thanks to UIAA Dry treatment, these ropes are water repellent, plus provide first-class handling in a lightweight package.

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Whether you’re sending sport or trad routes, these durable climbing ropes are made to always have your back. Striking the perfect balance of safety and performance for big days at the crag, our Crag ropes will give you the confidence to crush that crux.

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  • Gym Rope Finder


Ropes are put under a lot of stress in the gym, which is why our Gym series offers the most confidence-inspiring strength and durability. This specialized series comes in lengths optimized for most gyms. Tie-in, focus, project.

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