Aletsch Glacier


The responsibility we feel for the places we love shapes the way we do business every day. From our home in the Swiss Alps, we see and feel the climate crisis in real time and are compelled to continuously analyze the way our design philosophy and manufacturing processes affect our social and environmental impact. Balancing a long-term outlook with decisive action, we’re dedicated to ever-more conscious exploration. Our approach to a bright future is driven by three key ideas: A quality-first design philosophy, a production revolution and dedicated climate action.

Design philosophy

At the heart of our design philosophy is the conviction to create innovative, low-impact gear that goes the distance in the outdoors and that is engineered for a more circular approach. 


This is a revolution. Our goal is to make the gear that allows us to do what we do in the mountains, in a way that is cleaner and smarter.

TR Journal Mammut


Our planet is in crisis. The places we love are changing. We, as an organization and as individuals, have a responsibility to respond.

Community engagement

We believe mountains have the power to transform lives and create meaningful connections.

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