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Protective cover for quickdraw slings


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Climbing Carabiners: Perfect for Sport Climbing, Mountaineering, and Beyond

Climbing carabiners are essential gear for every climber, designed to connect various parts of the climbing system. They come in different shapes, such as D-shaped, oval, and HMS, each suited for specific tasks like belaying, anchoring, or progression.

Material & Strength: Typically made from lightweight aluminum or durable steel, climbing carabiners must meet strict strength standards. Aluminum carabiners are lighter and suitable for most climbing activities, while steel carabiners offer more durability and are often used in heavier-duty applications.

Locking Mechanisms: Carabiners feature different locking mechanisms; screw-gate, twist-lock, and auto-lock, each providing varying levels of security. Screw-gate carabiners are manually locked, offering reliability with less weight, whereas auto-locking designs ensure the gate remains closed during climbing for added safety.

Gate Opening: The size of the gate opening can impact ease of use, especially when wearing gloves. Larger gates are easier to clip onto ropes and gear.

Certifications: Look for carabiners that meet safety standards set by organizations such as the UIAA or CE to ensure they can handle the forces encountered during climbing.

Consider Your Needs: When choosing carabiners, consider the specific climbing activities you plan to undertake. Different styles and locking mechanisms are better suited for certain types of climbs, so selecting the right carabiner can enhance both your safety and climbing efficiency.