• Mammut clothing


After summiting the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau at record speed, Nico Hojac and Adrian Zurbrügg talk about time and their limits in mountaineering.

  • Placing trust in unfamiliar terrain

    When planning an international ski trip, do you prepare for what it'll feel like when you're not a local, when...

  • The DWR dilemma

    PFC and DWR: waterproofing acronyms often seen and seldom understood. Read on to learn about outerwear’s lesse...

  • The good fight: Outdoors for all

    “You know, there's a certain amount of sacrifice and vulnerability that come with being as visible as I am,” s...

  • Watch: Earth to Erikka

    When the earth speaks to you, what do you hear? Punctuated by the footprints of lives once lived, the colossal...

  • An Outdoor Escape in London

    It’s never been more important for our mental well being that we find the time to venture outdoors and reap th...

  • For ClimbAID in Lebanon

    An experience report by Adriana Stöhr, Textile Engineer Textile Safety Products, Climbing Equipment at Mammut....

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