Gym Indicator Express Sling 16.0

Quickdraw sling for the climbing gym

This quickdraw sling, designed for use in climbing gyms, incorporates the unique Indicator technology which reliably highlights any serious damage to the webbing. In the event of critical damage, the red core fiber shows through, clearly indicating the need to replace the item. This significantly simplifies safety checks in climbing gyms.

    • 2040-00752

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    • bluesign® APPROVED FABRIC

      The bluesign® system ensures that from the outset no materials that are especially harmful to the environment are used in the production process. There are strict guidelines for the use of all other chemicals.

    • Hardware Main Fabric

      100% Polyester

    • bluesign® PRODUCT

      A bluesign® PRODUCT is made with at least 90% / 30% bluesign® APPROVED materials / accessories. The designation guarantees the highest level of consumer assurance, responsible use of resources and minimum impact on humans and the environment.