Jackets & Vests for Snowsports 


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Outdoor Jackets and Vests: Essential Gear for Every Adventure

Gear up for any weather with our comprehensive collection of outdoor jackets and vests. Designed for the adventurer in you, our selection caters to every outdoor activity under the sun, and beyond.

Waterproof Jackets: Don't let rain dampen your spirits. Our waterproof jackets are engineered with advanced materials and sealed seams to keep you dry in the heaviest downpours.

Ski & Snowboard Jackets: Rise with the slopes with jackets that offer the perfect blend of warmth, mobility, and protection from the cold and snow.

Softshell Jackets: Ideal for dynamic outings on cooler days, these jackets provide essential wind and moisture resistance without sacrificing breathability.

Down Jackets: When the mercury drops, our down jackets are your best ally, offering unmatched warmth to weight ratio, perfect for keeping cozy in cold conditions.

Insulated Jackets: Versatile and effective, these jackets use synthetic insulation to keep you warm even when wet, making them ideal for unpredictable weather.

Vests: Perfect for layering, our vests give you core warmth with freedom of movement for your arms, suitable for active use or casual wear.

Windbreakers: Lightweight and designed to shield you from gusty conditions, these jackets are perfect for transitional weather or as a protective layer.

Whether you’re riding lifts or exploring the backcountry, you’ll find the perfect winter jacket in our Ski & Snowboard collection. Specific features such as underarm vents and helmet-compatible hoods allow you to fully focus on your activity. For wet or unpredictable days, search our Waterproof Jackets collection. You’ll find featherweight waterproofs for fast-paced activities, as well as warmer, super durable options – there’s a jacket for every adventure! 

Experience the perfect balance of comfort and functionality with our Softshell Jackets. Lightweight, breathable options cover a wide range of outdoor activities. For those seeking extra warmth, our Down Jackets and Insulated Jackets provide the ultimate solution for cold environments.

Take the edge off windchill with our selection of Windbreakers. Made from innovative fabrics, our windproof jackets are extremely packable, making them the perfect backup for hiking, climbing or ski tours. For added versatility, warmth and freedom of movement, browse our range of windproof Vests.

Don't compromise on quality or style – explore Mammut's Jackets and Vests today! Shop now and experience the difference that exceptional apparel can make!