MAMMUT CLIMBAX - one size, titanium product image

MAMMUT CLIMBAX - one size, titanium

  • Mammut smarttrack technology
    Mammut routetag technology
    Mammut coachtag technology
  • Hand wash (max. 30° C)

    Hand wash (max. 30° C)

  • Hardware Main Fabric50% nylon, 50% neoprene
  • 2050-00390

  • Weight

    206 mg

  • Cut


  • Made in Switzerland
  • Lightweight – 20.6 g / tracker (size L)
  • Patented, flexible closing mechanism
  • Adjustable size (xxs-xxl)
  • Breathable design
  • Abrasion-resistant outer surface
  • Soft, skin-friendly inner surface
  • Battery life – 15 h of tracking
  • Tracking even without active smartphone connection
  • Mobile app: Mammut Climb
  • Safe release design
  • Visual LED interface
  • Haptic vibration feedback
  • Minimum requirements: Bluetooth 4.0; 4.2 recommended


Record and analyse your climbs, compare your performance with other athletes and monitor your own progress. Climbax includes two wristbands equipped with high-precision sensors to record every climbing movement.

Track your climbs, boost your motivation.
Climbax records parameters, including meters of vertical, number of climbing movements, use of right versus left hand, effective climbing time and breaks. Afterwards, you can analyse your performance stats in the Mammut Climb app on your smartphone. You can also compete in challenges with other climbers.

Woman puts the Climbax tracker around her arm.

Specially designed for climbing
Climbax consists of two wristbands that automatically detect and count the climbing moves of each arm separately. Each wristband weighs just 20.6 grams. The Climbax trackers are designed to detach and release if a climber’s arm gets caught on a hold.

Climbax tracker

Undistracted climbing
During a climbing session, you can leave your smartphone behind. No manual tracking of your climbs necessary – Climbax is fully automatic and autonomous. After the session, the data is uploaded to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Developed with athletes – made for everyone
We developed Climbax in collaboration with professional athletes who understand exactly what climbers need. Start tracking your climbs with Climbax – no matter what your ability is. Get motivated and push your limits.

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Woman climbing on a boulder wall.