Warranty & Repair

Mammut products are subject to stringent quality requirements. However, in the event of any material or production fault in a product purchased from one of our authorized sports retailers, we will repair or replace the item free of charge within the statutory warranty period.

The warranty period extends to 24 months or in the event of commercial or professional use to 12 months. The warranty period starts running at the time of purchase by the first end customer. The relevant date is the date on the original purchase receipt.

This guarantee excludes damages caused by accidents, incorrect use, normal wear and tear, damage caused by fire, sharp edges (such as crampons, rocks, skis, etc.) and fading of colors due to extended UV exposure. We are aware that damages of this nature do occur and in such cases we guarantee a professional repair service at a fair price to ensure lasting enjoyment of your Mammut product. 

Please note that we will accept only clean items. Clothing must be freshly washed. As well as hygiene reasons, this is due to the fact that we reweld the seams after a repair and a clean surface is required to ensure lasting adherence of the tapes.

We recommend that you do not change anything on the items so that the warranty is still valid.

The decision as to whether to repair, replace or refund the purchase price of a product shall be taken by Mammut. To process any guarantee claim, please bring the clean product together with the purchase receipt to your retailer or nearest Mammut Store. If you made the purchase in the Mammut Online Store, please contact us via our Contact Form describe the defect and attach detailed product pictures and a copy of the bill.

We develop our products so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible - so that they provide you with the best possible protection and support on your adventures. However, they wouldn't be adventures if they didn't put a strain on your equipment. If a repair becomes necessary, we ask you to proceed as follows:

1. Fill out our contact form and send it together with the proof of purchase and a clearly recognisable picture of the damage.

2. We will check and, if possible, confirm your repair request.

3. Send us the item by post (you will receive the address with the repair confirmation). Please note that we can only repair clean products.

4. After receiving the item, we will assess the repair. If the costs exceed your maximum amount, you will receive a cost estimate. You can find a cost estimate in our repair price list

5. As soon as it is ready for outdoor adventures again, we will send your product back to you with an invoice.

We'll do our best to get you back in the mountains as quickly as possible.