Responsibility reporting

The responsibility we feel for the places we love shapes the way we do business every day. Our reports outline our targets and policies for ever-more responsible production and operation.

Our Responsibility Report is a centralized document to cover the social and environmental impacts of our business and respond to the targets we’ve outlined in our strategy.

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Fair Wear’s Brand Performance Check is a tool to evaluate and report on the activities of Fair Wear’s member companies. The checks examine how member company management systems support Fair Wear’s Code of Labour Practices.

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To demonstrate strong commitment and leadership for the years to come, Mammut has defined ambitious five-year targets.

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In the pursuit of ever-more responsible practices, an in-depth understanding of our own value chain and suppliers is vital.

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Mammut Responsibility

Balancing a long-term outlook with decisive action, we’re dedicated to ever-more conscious exploration. Find out more about the three key ideas driving our approach to a bright future.

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