There are many factors that affect the service life of a sling, including everything from weather and storage conditions to frequency of use and handling. Because of this, it is impossible to calculate a definitive service life expectancy. Figure A serves as a general guideline for when to replace your sling, however it is extremely important to perform a thorough regular check and take into account the stresses and exposures your sling is subjected to.

Slings 01 lifetime

Learn more about how to check your sling below.

A regular and thorough check of your slings is a must to ensure they are safe to use. Replace a sling immediately if:

- It sustains a heavy fall (extreme mechanical load).

- The 'indicator' color-contrast core shows through.

- The stitching or webbing is damaged.

- It is heavily and irreversibly soiled (e.g. with grease or oil).

- It was exposed to extreme heat or friction and shows signs of fusing or melting.

Hand wash your slings in lukewarm water using a touch of mild detergent or soap. Be sure to rinse well and hang it to dry, away from the sun. You can also machine wash your slings using a gentle wool wash cycle. An additional rinse cycle is recommended. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

Store your slings in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from sunlight, chemicals, and heat sources. Do not store in a sealed container.