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Protective cover for quickdraw slings

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Mammut Quickdraws: Essential Climbing Gear

Quickdraws are indispensable tools for sport and traditional rock climbing, providing a secure link between the climbing rope and the protection placed in the rock. Here’s a detailed guide:

Purpose and Use:
Quickdraws consist of two carabiners connected by a semi-rigid sling or flexible webbing. One carabiner clips into the bolt or protection in the rock, and the other holds the climbing rope. This setup helps reduce rope drag and keeps the rope aligned properly during a climb.

Carabiner Type:
Quickdraw carabiners come in two main types: straight gate and bent gate. Straight gate carabiners are typically used on the bolt-end for ease of clipping into protection, while bent gate carabiners are used on the rope-end to facilitate easier rope clipping due to their wider gate openings.

Material and Strength:
Carabiners are made from aluminum for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring durability and lightness. The slings are typically made from durable nylon or Dyneema, with Dyneema being lighter and less water-absorbent.

Length of the Sling:
Quickdraw slings vary in length, typically ranging from 12 cm to 25 cm. Shorter slings are lighter and useful for straight routes to minimize weight, while longer slings are better for routes with bends and traverses to reduce rope drag.

Weight and Portability:
The weight of a quickdraw can affect a climber’s endurance and speed, especially on longer or more difficult routes. Lighter quickdraws are favored for challenging climbs where every ounce counts.

Durability and Maintenance:
Quickdraws require regular checks for wear and damage, especially the carabiners and slings. It’s crucial to replace them if there are signs of significant wear or after a severe fall, as safety could be compromised.

Choosing the Right Quickdraws:
When selecting quickdraws, consider the specific needs of your climbing style. Sport climbers might prefer lightweight quickdraws with large, bent gate carabiners, while traditional climbers may opt for more robust models with straight gates for easier handling with protection devices.

Quickdraws are essential for efficient and safe progress on rock faces. Choosing the right type enhances performance and ensures safety, allowing climbers to focus on their ascent.