Softshell Jackets 


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Discover the versatility and performance of Mammut Softshell Jackets, designed for outdoor enthusiasts who seek reliable protection and comfort.

Softshell jackets are versatile outerwear, perfect for outdoor activities where flexibility and breathability are key. Here’s a detailed overview:

Design & Functionality:
Softshell jackets are designed to be lightweight and flexible, offering more comfort and mobility than traditional hardshell jackets. They are ideal for activities like hiking, climbing, and skiing, where a range of motion is crucial. These jackets typically feature a water-resistant outer layer that helps repel light rain and snow while maintaining breathability to prevent overheating.

Material & Layering:
Constructed from woven synthetic materials, softshell jackets combine several layers into one garment. The outer layer is usually treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) to resist moisture, while the inner layers often include a soft, insulating fabric for warmth. This layering system ensures that the jacket remains breathable, comfortable, and warm.

Weather Resistance:
While not completely waterproof, softshell jackets offer substantial protection against wind and light precipitation, making them suitable for milder weather conditions. They are excellent for wearing in variable weather when you might encounter brief showers or gusty winds.

Comfort & Mobility:
The stretchy fabric of softshell jackets allows for unrestricted movement, making them a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. The interior is typically soft against the skin, enhancing comfort during extended wear, especially when active.

One of the standout features of a softshell jacket is its breathability. Unlike hardshells, which can trap moisture and heat, softshells allow for significant air circulation, which helps regulate body temperature during physical activities.

Softshell jackets are a popular choice for layering due to their adaptability. They can be worn as a standalone jacket in cool, dry conditions or as a mid-layer under a more robust outer shell in colder, wetter environments.

Selecting the Right Jacket:
When choosing a softshell jacket, consider the specific activities you'll use it for, as well as the typical weather conditions you'll face. Look for features like adjustable cuffs, zippered pockets, and hoods for added functionality and protection.

Our Softshell jackets are an ideal choice for a range of activities, from mountain trails to urban adventures, offering superior flexibility and weather resistance.

Featuring advanced fabric technology, Mammut Softshell Jackets provide excellent breathability and water resistance, adapting seamlessly to changing conditions. The stretchable material ensures unrestricted movement, while the durable design stands up to the rigors of outdoor use.

With a focus on functional excellence, these jackets come in a variety of sizes and styles, catering to the preferences of both men and women. The Mammut Softshell Jacket is your go-to layer for dependable comfort and protection in the great outdoors.