Down jackets

The must-have of every adventurer’s wardrobe is a light, durable and long-lasting down jacket. But what should also be added to that list is a CLEAN down jacket. Caring for your jacket not only makes it look new, but also ensures it is performing at its best.

Care instructions down jackets

Cleaning up your down jackets

Plus, with so many of our MAMMUT® down jackets now featuring recycled elements, keeping them lasting even longer is not only good for you but even better for the environment. That’s why our expert team has put together the below guide to help you make sure your down jacket stays clean, looking - and performing - at its best.

Icons Care Instructions Down Jackets

To start with cleaning your down jacket, brush and shake off any visible dirt that may be caked on. Don’t pick as it may damage the jacket, depending on how long the dirt has been there. Close off all the pockets and front zips as well as Velcro straps or cuffs and, if your jacket has them, release tension on any elastic drawcords. Your jacket should look like it is going to be hung up in a storefront, but instead, it’s now ready for the washing machine.

Note: Machine washing a down jacket is recommended and easy. There’s nothing to fear.

Zips of the down jacket are closed

Depending on what machine you have, you want to set it to a cold washing temperature (30° is ideal - 65-85F) with a gentle cycle settings if available. If not, low spin and double rinse settings are recommended but always be sure to follow any other washing instructions on the jacket itself. Also be sure to use a washing detergent made for down products! This should be clear on the packaging.


To properly dry your jacket, turn it inside out and lay it on a flat surface where you can remove excess moisture by gently pressing on it with a clean towel and using a “rolling” motion. Do the same for the outside and then unzip pockets to dry inside with the towel. Do not leave down jackets to dry on radiators or in the sun.


We strongly recommend to tumble dry your down jacket in the machine. Put your jacket into the dryer on low with three dryer balls or, as an alternative, clean tennis balls. They are crucial, as they prevent the down inside the jacket from clumping. Periodically turn the jacket arms inside out every 20-30 minutes to further speed up the drying if in a rush. Be sure your jacket is fully dry before you take it out of the dryer. 

Note: A thick down jacket can take up to three hours in a low heat to properly dry.


If your jacket comes with a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating this should be reactivated through the drying-machine process. If your jacket does not bead water on the outer surface as a test once dry, you may want to purchase an eco-friendly DWR spray from any outdoor retailer and recoat the exterior of the jacket. 

To apply, simply hang it on the line outside and then use the spray as directed on the packaging, focusing on heavy use areas such as the shoulders.