19-03-2018 / 07:45

Rosenlaui — Hiking paradise with ultimate views

The Rosenlauital is located at the northern foot of the Grosse Scheidegg, surrounded by the Engelhörnern mountains and the Rosenlaui Glacier. Endless hiking paths wend their way through the wildly romantic landscape of the Rosenlaui Valley. Across fragrant mountain meadows with traditional alpine farming, along rocky cliffs and past raging waterfalls to glaciers and eternal snow – few valleys offer greater diversity.

The meeting point four our one-day hike was the Rosenlaui Hotel. After a hearty breakfast in the elegant hotel, it was time to set off up to the Grosse Scheidegg. Not without, however, first making a little detour to the Rosenlaui Gorge. A well-developed, secured path led us 115 meters up the gorge, navigating a tunnel and a few steps along the way. It was an impressive sight, with mighty waterfalls, romantic grottoes and bizarre rock formations. Over thousands of years, the glacier water has created a fantastic work of art from the rocks.

After the impressive gorge, we made our way up to the Grosse Scheidegg. Past the Schwarzwaldalp and the idyllic Berghaus Alpiglen, we hiked over green pastures, beside crystal-clear cold lakes and crossed refreshing streams.

"Thanks to the extremely light equipment, we were able to enjoy every step."

Thanks to the extremely light equipment, we were able to enjoy every step and experience the amazing mountain scenery around us even more intensively, without having to worry about our packs. For the new hiking collection, product development has placed particular emphasis on reducing weight to create lightweight hiking products, in particular for the Ultimate range. Anyone who is lighter out in the mountains can achieve more, experience more, see more – in short: gain more experience.

With this in mind, feeling happy and still enjoying some sunshine on our faces, we reached the Grosse Scheidegg at 1,962 meters in the afternoon, where we were treated to a breathtaking view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. As well as the Wetterhorn in all its glory. We took one last look at the amazing mountain vista before making our way back down.

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