31-01-2019 / 13:00

Performance and style – THE Half Zip Hooded Jacket from MAMMUT Delta X

Who is the eye-catcher here? Is it the city you are out and about in or is it you? With THE Half Zip Hooded Jacket, it will definitely be you.

The new "it" garment from Mammut's Delta X urbaneering collection. It will help you push back boundaries and set new standards. It will accompany you on your way to work, you can stow it easily in your hand baggage when you travel, and you can also wear it when you and your city friends escape urban life for some fresh air in the great outdoors. So, have we inspired you?

Its coating consists of a water-thin layer of aluminum and microscopically tiny glass spheres that reflect incident light.

Featuring a half-zipper on the chest, this stylish all-rounder refuses to be categorized. From a streamlined and straight look with a closed front zipper to relaxed and casual with the zipper open. Opening the front zipper immediately reveals the laser-cut details inside, giving an initial insight into the loving attention to detail in the design of THE Half Zip Hooded Jacket.

The one-piece construction of the Mammut Georganic 3D Technology further enhances this stylish and streamlined look. As well as making your favorite jacket more dynamic and comfortable, it also makes it lighter. And don't worry if you need to sprint to catch your tram, simply open the side zipper to enjoy extra ventilation.

But that's not all. The wind- and water-repellent jacket features a highly reflective outer material that still provides effective reflection even in very poor light conditions. Its unique coating consists of a wafer-thin layer of aluminum and microscopically tiny glass spheres that completely reflect incident light.

Whether you are walking or cycling at night or sprinting across the road to catch a bus, THE Half Zip Hooded Jacket will make you a luminous highlight in a dark world.

Ladies and Gents: THE Half Zip Hooded Jacket. A design masterpiece, a dazzlingly unique garment in any city and a feature-packed adventurer for active city explorers.

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