31-01-2019 / 13:00

Mammut Georganic 3D Technology – Ultimate Cut and Fit

Together with the launch of the new Summer Collection 2019, Mammut introduced the new Georganic 3D Technology. People and their activities provided the inspiration for the Georganic products. The result: maximum freedom of movement.

In Georganic products, movements and postures are shaped directly on the body and developed into a three-dimensional cut. Benefits:

  • Freedom in every movement: the cut is defined directly on the athlete, which allows precise support for natural body movements. The result is maximum freedom of movement and a perfect fit.

  • New fit: by defining products on the athlete, the Georganic technology has resulted in two new shapes for upper body garments. The Y-shape is designed for vertical movements and the T-shape for horizontal movements. Although this cut focuses on climbing movements, its application can be extended to all other areas. It can also be transferred to everyday life, offering redefined comfort.

  • Unlimited design possibilities: the reduced cut lines pave the way for a dynamic and performance-oriented design.

A stretch upwards, a movement to the side. Georganic products provide responsive support when you need it, adapting to every movement without slipping or sliding. Our Eiger Extreme products, in particular, are reaping the benefits of this natural cut. The Nordwand Advanced HS Hooded Jacket and the Eigerjoch IN Hybrid Jacket feature the Y-shape tailored to natural body movements, allowing easier upward reach for the arms.

The highlight piece in the new Mammut Delta X collection is THE IN Anorak with the innovative Georganic construction. It takes the synergy of fashion and function to a whole new level. The 3379 Thermo Coat also uses the Georganic Y-shape to provide maximum freedom of movement.

The Mammut Georganic 3D Technology is also being used in footwear. Just like in the jackets, movements are shaped organically and directly on the foot to create a natural fit. This has resulted in models including the Taiss Light Mid GTX, the Ducan Low GTX and the Ducan Knit High GTX.

Georganic Products