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Magdalena Mittersteiner – Out in the mountains since childhood

A native of South Tyrol, MAMMUT ambassador Magdalena Mittersteiner has been going out in the mountains for as far as she can remember. She wants to share this enthusiasm with others and show them her own personal South Tyrol with three hiking highlights.

Text: Magdalena Mittersteiner

Traveling and discovering new countries is stimulating and exciting. But there's no place like home. And even when you think you’ve explored every corner, there is still a whole lot more to discover.
Last fall, I was out with MAMMUT in three of my favorite places in my native South Tyrol.

Ullten Valley

I've known the mountains of the Ulten Valley since I was a child. From the village of Lana where I was born, the valley extends to the west and there are some great hiking routes there for all ages. I spent many summers here with my two sisters, exploring the forests, romping over Alpine meadows and cooling down in small streams. Our parents often took us along on hikes and so we became familiar with this beautiful mountain environment from an early age.

I still often find myself drawn to the Ulten Valley. I like the peace, the sense of history and untouched nature. Not even adverse weather can stop me from enjoying the fresh mountain air. With my partner Mammut, I’m equipped for all conditions.

"I am always excited to discover new trails and am fascinated by nature’s great diversity."

Vilnöss Valley

The Vilnösstal Vilnöss Valley is probably my favorite valley in the Dolomites. Still mostly free from large hotel chains and lifts, you can enjoy the authentic mountain experience here. Along the way, you are taken in by the imposing Geisler peaks, rising majestically into the sky in a typical Dolomite scene. I enjoy coming here for a hike, often with my mother. I am always excited to discover new trails and am fascinated by nature’s great diversity. Last time with Mammut we were on our way to the summit of Tullen (2,647 meters). With the right equipment, this is a very enjoyable hike even in late fall.

Sella Pass

Sella is not exactly an unknown pass. In summer months in particular, many motorbikes and other vehicles frequent this pass, but in the periods between fall and spring, you can enjoy some peaceful hikes around here. The vistas are amazing, with beautiful panoramic views of the famous Dolomite mountain landscapes. Fall has already brought a little fresh snow, but with the Ducan High GORE-TEX® we are equipped to face any challenge.

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Hiking Highlights