Product Service

2-Year Quality Guarantee

[Avalanche beacons are covered by a five-year warranty if properly registered.]

We stand behind everything we make. If you’re not satisfied with your item, we want to help. Whether something went wrong, or it’s just not working for you, let us know. If you’re the original owner and are unhappy with the quality of your item; you have 2 years from your purchase date to contact us. Please see the instructions and contact info below.

Our quality guarantee doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by accidents or improper use. For example; sharp edges can cause tears or abrasion damage. Trees are known to tear jackets, some rocks you sit on may be abrasive, etc. Though soaking in the sunshine may feel great, prolonged exposure to UV rays sometimes results in color fading. Everyone’s chemical makeup is different, and delamination might occur from body oils and sweat. The deployment handle on your avalanche airbag could break if not packed properly; remember to take a look at the instructions that accompany it. Leaving your item too close to the fire could result in damage, so could leaving it with your dog. While these types of situations are unfortunate, they’re not covered.

If your item qualifies; the decision as to whether to replace or issue credit based on the retail value of your item shall be taken by Mammut. If your item was purchased directly from our website within the last 100 days, we will also have the option to refund you. To proceed with a claim, please contact us by e-mail at and include the following information:
  • Purchase date of the product
  • Name of retailer product was purchased from
  • Style number (Formatted like 1010-01010. This number is often on a separate tag, sometimes located near the garment care tags, or sometimes it’s stuffed in a pocket. For footwear, it’s also located on the back of the tongues)
  • The US size
  • Description of product issue/Reason for return
  • Photo of the product, showing the issue (if applicable)
  • Your physical shipping address and contact information

*If your item was purchased from REI or within the last 12 months, please contact the retailer directly for a resolution.

**Please do not send your item to us without first obtaining a Return Authorization Number (RA Number). We cannot process returns without the RA Number. Items purchased used or “as is” (e.g. from an in-store REI garage sale) are excluded from coverage.