Saentis Pro WP Men. The stylish winter sneaker. Thanks to the direct interaction between the lacing and Base Fit technology, this shoe provides excellent support and prevents blisters from forming. The Michelin OC Compound ensures an excellent grip, while Mammut DRYtechnology prevents moisture penetration. The winter sneaker comes with a softshell upper material with a sock-like fit for increased comfort and a distinctive look.

  • 6 out of 6
  • 5 out of 6
  • Softshell: soft, breathable, water-repellent synthetic fabric
  • MichelinĀ® Winter rubber compound
  • Hiking, Urban
  • 3030-04100
  • CutAthletic Fit
  • Weight (US 9.5)450 g
  • Flex indexA5
  • Lace systemStandard lacing
  • SolesMichelinĀ® Trail Cleat
  • MaterialSoftshell
  • LiningDry-Technology
  • Heel drop7 mm

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