La Liste Pro HS Hooded Jacket Men - USP background

Pro-ready hard shell. Casual look. Made for performance.

Designed in collaboration with Jérémie Heitz

From the collection inspired by the spectacular freeski film “La Liste” featuring Mammut Pro Team Athlete Jérémie Heitz. A fully-equipped hardshell jacket for freeriding. Robust and completely waterproof 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro material. Outstanding breathability. Functions optimized for skiing ensure greater safety and comfort. In a casual freerider look.

Steep slopes, untouched powder, your heart races, the adrenaline kicks in – La Liste is in its element.

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“La Liste is a collection built out of years of mountain experience. It’s lightweight and stylish but highly practical and thrives in harsh environments.” – Jérémie Heitz


  • Extendable collar

    Zippered extension creates more space for scarf or helmet straps

  • For harsh conditions

    Waterproof and abrasion-resistant with Gore-tex Pro® Most Rugged technology

  • Functional features

    Large front pockets with water-repellent zippers to store your climbing skins

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Mountain with snow


What Jérémie Heitz has attempted is not for the faint of heart.