Athletes Mammut Jonas Schild
Born in
Mammut athlete since
At home in
Bern, Switzerland


11 questions with Jonas

Something on your bucket list

Grow old happily

Your hidden talent

Preparing bivouac delicacies

What you wanted to be when you grew up

Helicopter pilot

A moment you'll never forget

There are too many unforgettable mountain summit experiences to highlight just one.

Your role model 

I am fascinated by exceptional alpine talents from the past like Anderl Heckmaier or Lynn Hill.

What you love most about mountaineering

The interplay of body, mind and spirit. I have often asked myself why I do this ;)

Something you learned from sports

To fairly judge myself and know what I can and cannot do.

Your top tip for other mountaineers

Less training, more climbing.

Something you’d like to learn 

Surfing when I am older

A question you’re often asked – and the answer

Second helping? Yes, please :)

Your message to the outdoor community

There are more important things in life than climbing or Alpinism. Sometimes we forget that a little bit.

Jonas' current favorite gear