Clean Production

For the protection of the environment, MAMMUT strives to safeguard clean production processes with minimal emissions. To prevent harmful substances from being released into the environment, MAMMUT ensures they never enter its supply chains in the first place.

Standards and Partners

As per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) are barely degradable in nature, we at MAMMUT have set ourselves the strategic goal of progressively switching all treatments of our products to PFC-free alternatives in a stepwise, performance oriented process. Detailed information on the strategy and background on the topic can be found in our PFC Policy.


The bluesign® system ensures that substances that are particularly damaging to the environment are excluded from the production process from the very start and specifies strict guidelines for the use of all other chemicals. In addition to the use of chemicals, bluesign® pays special attention to environmentally friendly, safe production processes and the responsible use of resources.


Restricted Substance List (RSL)

The MAMMUT Restricted Substance List (RSL) comprises potentially harmful chemicals, whose use in our products is restricted to a level below a safe threshold. Compliance with our RSL is a mandatory minimum requirement for suppliers doing business with MAMMUT. MAMMUT ensures RSL compliance through risk-based systematic testing of products and components.


In order to purposefully continue the successful WE CARE journey and demonstrate strong commitment and leadership for the years to come, MAMMUT has defined broad and ambitious 5-year targets for the design and development period 2018-2023 or the market seasons spring/summer 2020 - spring/summer 2025, respectively.

WHY NOT 100 %?
MAMMUT stands for function, innovation and style. Some suppliers, especially small innovative vanguards and start-ups do not have the manpower and resources to have their typically exemplary operations certified by costly and laborious international standards. We do not want this lack of independent certification to rule out a collaboration with such trailblazers from the start. Thus, we included a small margin for such suppliers in our target setting. Where international standards are missing, we take a very close look at the operations of our partners ourselves.

PFC free & Bluesign® Products