Protection Airbag

Safety First: Mammut asks customers to check that Airbag System 3.0 has been correctly installed

Safety and quality of the products are the number one priority for Mammut. For this reason, Mammut is asking customers who own Generation 3.0 Mammut avalanche airbags to check the path of the deployment cable, in order to ensure that their avalanche safety equipment functions correctly.

Thank you for reacting to this appeal for inspection - Safety First!

First-class trauma protection

The Protection Airbag System 3.0
is an avalanche airbag system with
a 3D-shaped brightly-colored airbag
that deploys protectively around the
wearer’s head, neck and chest area
when activated. The airbag can there-
fore also provide protection from
mechanical injuries.

Mammut Protection Airbags

Avalanche Safety


Thanks to the new Airbag 3.0 system, our most compact avalanche airbag is now even lighter and more comfortable, offering you enough space to hold everything you need for freeriding. When deployed, the Protection Airbag System 3.0 unfolds protectively around the wearer's head, neck and chest area to provide additional protection from mechanical injuries.