Marek Holeček PRO TEAM Mountaineering


DATE OF BIRTH November 5, 1974

RESIDENCE Prague (Czech Republic)

WITH MAMMUT since 2016

WHAT GOT YOU INTO MOUNTAINEERING? It all began with a dream to climb the snow-covered mountains to the gods like the heroes in my books. I wanted to experience those parts of their stories where courage, perseverance and agility shone from every page I read. That same dream still guides me today.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS? I am always incredibly lucky with the people I meet when climbing. Thanks to them, I have been able to climb peaks from the Antarctic to the Himalayas. So far, there have been over three dozen expeditions around the world, where my aim was to climb a new route to the summit. However, most important aren't the summits themselves but the partners whom I share the journey with. So, if I had one wish, it would be that this luck of mine, that is reflected in the people I meet, will last for a long time yet. I have enough climbing plans to fill three lifetimes! The problem is how to fit it all into one life - and ideally my own. :-)

ACHIEVEMENTS First ascent "Satisfaction", southwest face of the Gasherbrum I, 8,080 m, difficulty grade M7/WI5 +.
Winner of the Piolet d'Or.
First ascent "Thumpa Party", north face of Talung, 7,347 m, difficulty grade M6/WI6.
First ascent "Czech Express", west face of Amin Brakk, 5,850 m, difficulty grade 7b+/A3+.

SPECTACULAR PLACES Karakoram, Himalayas
Our Czech sandstone rocks - my country's treasure.

It's actually unfair to only pick three out of all the beautiful places on our planet. What I mean is, there is so much beauty out there that fills my heart with joy, that it's hard to choose.

HOBBIES I've been climbing since I was four. So my passion comes as no surprise. But to stay hungry for more and be able to concentrate when it matters, I also need variety. I run regularly and play badminton as well as beach volleyball. I also like music, rock as well as classical, a good book or a play. But the best source of variety, and also the biggest surprise of my life, is my daughter Viktorka.

What MAMMUT means to me When I began climbing, we still lived behind the Iron Curtain. High-quality climbing equipment wasn't available. A certain amount of products were manufactured on a national level but the quality left a lot to be desired. Towards the end of the 90s things began to change and I was able to go on my first trips to the Alps. It goes without saying that I was jealous of the equipment the other mountaineers had. After several successful expeditions I was able to sign my first contracts with climbing equipment manufacturers and retailers. These days I'm working with the company that I've been dreaming of since my first trip to the Alps. It stands for exceptional quality and supports me in realizing my dreams. I'm really proud to be a part of the MAMMUT team – it's another dream come true.