With Skitourenguru, we are offering you a tool designed to help you plan your ski tours and increase your safety. Only here at MAMMUT, in a new design optimized for display on mobile devices.

Already more than 1000 tours
Daily avalanche risk update
Tours available as GPX download


  • Over 1000 tours in Switzerland, including GPX exports for use on GPS-supported applications and devices.

  • The selection will be continuously expanded over time with the aim of offering you tours throughout the entire Alpine region in the near future.

  • New design optimized for use on mobile devices and focusing on user-friendly operation and a clear display.

  • Assessment of dangers and risks for all tours updated twice a day on the basis of the latest avalanche reports.

  • Detailed route facts, including a safety assessment of different sections and indication of crux points, live cams and much more!



But please remember that this does not release you from your own personal responsibility. You must be completely capable of assessing danger and calculating the avalanche risk on ski tours, and able to make judgments in the terrain after the planning stage.



Increased safety thanks to our avalanche equipment and services.


50 years of experience, developed and produced entirely in Switzerland: our avalanche transceiver, a product you can rely on when it counts. Powerful. Easy. Fast.

Avalanche Safety