Pulse Barryvox and Element Barryvox Upgrade

Mammut develops and improves our products continuously. This also applies to our avalanche safety equipment and the leading Barryvox avalanche transceiver. Our key focus areas are reliability, functionality and intuitive operation. Because in an emergency simple, intuitive operation is essential - every second counts.

The Barryvox avalanche transceivers have been tested extensively and their operation is tailored to the needs of emergency situation. Based on user feedback, Barryheart and PULSE Barryvox firmware upgrades are available now.

How to access the new PULSE Barryvox 4.2 firmware

We also assume our responsibility for legacy products by updating their firmware if required.

Based on customer feedback, we have identified isolated cases where a prolonged switching time from SEARCH to SEND may occur when using the Rescue-SEND function in the PULSE Barryvox. The new PULSE Barryvox 4.2 firmware has now optimized the Rescue-SEND function.

What is the Rescue-SEND function in the PULSE Barryvox?

Rescue-SEND is a feature designed to protect non-searching rescuers in the event of burial by a secondary avalanche, without interfering with an ongoing transceiver search.

In this mode, the 457-kHz transmitting signal is temporarily stopped to avoid disrupting an ongoing search. The motion sensor detects any burial from a secondary avalanche and automatically switches to SEND mode after 4 minutes (default setting). This allows the buried rescuer to be found using a transceiver search.

With Rescue Send activated, if the user switches between Send and Search using specific configurations, there may be a prolonged switching time from SEARCH to SEND.

The new PULSE Barryvox 4.2 firmware optimizes the Rescue-SEND function by eliminating the occurrence of prolonged switching times.

For more information:

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PULSE Barryvox

Version Main new features

  • Rescue-SEND
  • Optimized switching times in case of an second avalanche

  • Barryvox® Intelligent Search
  • Expanded first signal display to allow earlier transition from signal search to coarse search
  • Faster updating of the search arrow using the integrated digital compass for optimum direction display

  • Acoustic search guidance
  • Rescue-SEND feature
  • Detection of lithium batteries
  • LCD contrast setting

  • 2 user profiles, Basic and Advanced
  • Optimized distance and direction display
  • Numbering of marked buried subjects
  • Pinpointing with distance indication
  • Protection against accidental switching from SEARCH to SEND
  • Frequency check for group check
  • Acoustic signal after first reception

ELEMENT Barryvox

Version Main new features

  • One-button operation
  • Marking of located buried subjects
  • Overview of distance, direction and number of buried subjects
  • Digital signal processing in the event of several buried subjects
  • Intelligent group check