Scrambling blurs the boundaries between hiking, mountaineering and climbing. This was Mammut’s inspiration for the development of the Aegility Pro Mid. A shoe incorporating a fusion of technologies. Based on the innovative Mammut 360° Fusn Technology, it consists of just four individual parts. The...
Mammut 360° Fusn technology
  • 6 out of 6
  • 5 out of 6
  • Speed lace system: efficient and precise. Elastic loops hold laces in lace zone.
  • Mountain Training, Hiking
  • 3030-04610
  • Weight (UK 5.5)300 g
  • Flex indexA4
  • Lace systemSpeed
  • SolesHigh rebound EVA wedge
  • MaterialNon Sew TPU
  • Heel drop8 mm
Fast Hiking SS22 Alpstein DXH2760-2

Whether exploring a new route, moving through talus and scree, or pushing for a fast and steep ascent, Aegility Pro Mid turns challenging trails into your greatest playground.


  • Speed laces

    Quick and easy adjustment with no distractions

    AegilityProMid W Detail01
  • Elastic knitted upper

    Breathable and flexible 360° sock construction prevents pressure points

    AegilityProMid W Detail02
  • TPU toe cap

    Optimal protection from sharp rocks and rough trails

“We’ve put all our expertise and footwear experience into this shoe.” - Christoph Hühnerbein, Mammut Head of Project Management Footwear

Innovative design

Mammut 360° Fusn Technology redefines the hiking shoe with a streamlined design offering all the benefits you need in just four components.

360° elastic knitted upper adapts to your foot morphology for the perfect fit.

AegilityProMid W Shoe
Fast Hiking SS22 Alpstein DXH0676
AegilityProMid W 03
AegilityProMid W 04

Sustainability through innovation. At Mammut, creating a world moved by mountains is not only about making the best gear to enhance your alpine experience: it is about taking steps to protect the places we love by reducing our carbon footprint. Mammut 360° Fusn Technology embodies this ideal. Based on a streamlined design, each shoe is constructed with just four parts. For Aegility Pro Mid, the result is a dynamic, lightweight shoe created with ca. 73% less components and 60% fewer processes than other Mammut shoes in the same category. This is the perfect example of how less can be so much more.

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