This International Mountain Day, commit to protecting the places you love the most. Through collective collaboration on the mountain and in the design studio, we can create change.

Small changes can have a big impact when adopted by the entire outdoor community. Make your choices count.

• Play local: What’s hiding just outside?

• Discover new objectives: The most unexpected adventures are sometimes the best.

• Give back: A little maintenance of our favorite trails and crags goes a long way.

• Buy quality: Buy gear that lasts from brands working to minimise their impact.

Discover our new series of short stories with professional athletes changing the way they adventure in the face of climate change.

Hoodie Unless


In line with our goals to minimize our impact, we have teamed up with UNLESS to create a 100% plant-based capsule and will donate all profits to Protect Our Winters Switzerland. Sign up now to be first in line for this limited-edition International Mountain Day collab.