Our climate is in crisis, our environment is changing, and we have a responsibility to act. At Mammut, we’ve signed the Paris Agreement’s UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and will reach Net Zero by 2050 at the latest - with ambition to accelerate to Net Zero by 2030 - to support the key objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

We will reduce 50% of our greenhouse gas emissions within our own value-chain. And we will take full responsibility for the rest of our emissions by going climate neutral in 2022 through purchasing high-quality carbon credits.

We want to protect our planet for future generations, but we know this can only be done by looking at every area of our business. We are committed to:

  • Powering our operations and sourcing from factories using renewable energy

  • Increasing our use of lower impact materials and production processes

  • Ensuring products last for longer, can be repaired easily, and by exploring alternative circular business models

  • Rethinking how we move products around the world

  • Engaging consumers and supporting stronger regulations to accelerate change

We also recognise that our impact and influence goes beyond carbon neutrality—where emissions are off-set by buying carbon credits and business-as-usual continues. That’s why we’re working towards Net Zero; a thorough commitment to decarbonization that includes wider supply chain activities. The real question, therefore, is not if we must become Net Zero, but how. By reducing emissions, off-setting in the interim, and eventually removing CO2 from the atmosphere, we are implementing a Do Our Best, Remove The Rest initiative.

Do Our Best

Doing our best means doing what’s right for the planet. This includes investing in low-carbon products, supply chain measures, circular economy and business model innovation.

Remove the rest

After having done our best in reducing CO2 emissions in our own value chain, we remove the unavoidable emissions from the atmosphere with Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). 

By taking these measures, we strengthen our commitment to the planet, our purpose, and put ourselves on track to achieve our ambition of reducing 50% emissions and becoming Net Zero by 2050 at the latest.