A combined digital/analog device with three antennas, in an exclusive fragment design. The Barryvox® S boasts a large reception range and an effective search strip width of 70 meters, along with a simple interface and intuitive operation. This means clear instructions for a quick and precise search....
  • Intelligent fine search guidance – Patented technology with complete interactive visual and acoustic guidance through the fine search.
  • Acoustic search guidance – A tone guides you in the directon of the buried subject and allows you to concentrate visually on the avalanche field during the search.
  • Analog Search Technology – The extended analog feature allows for a more efficient and accurate search and help in resolving demanding search scenarios with advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques.
  • Probe Indication – When the minimum burial depth is found, probe indication guides you visually and acoustically from fine search to pinpointing.
  • Intuitive visual interface provides detailed guidance through all search phases and an overview of multiple burial situations.
  • Self-Test function checks that the device is transmitting and searching correctly on startup and provides ongoing send and battery test.
  • Group Check function quickly and easily checks the transmission frequency and level of devices to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Interference Guard intelligently manages and mitigates signal interference and indicates if intererences are detected in both send and search mode.
  • Auto-Select function guides you to the strongest/closest signal first in case of a multiple burial situation
  • Buried subjects can be selected from a list, marked (MARK) and unmarked (UNMARK)
  • Deep Burial Mode – if a deep burial is detected, fine search is automatically started earlier (> 3m) and provides precise guidance.
  • Auto guidance: device continues to guide the rescuer to the buried subject in the event of signal failures or overlaps
  • Rescue-SEND – Protective function for non-searching rescuers. In the event of a secondary avalanche it automatically switches to SEND to allow the rescuer to be located.
  • Auto-revert to SEND – Automatic switch from search to send if a rescuer does not move for four minutes thanks to advanced motion sensor.
  • Reverse direction function prevents 180-degree search errors
  • Includes Barryvox® carrying system with SafeLock which prevents accidental activation of search mode
  • Compatible with lithium batteries (for battery life of 300 hours in SEND)
  • Updatable software
  • Pro Check – Verifies the transmit frequency, the pulse duration as well as the period lengths of the tested device.
  • The analog tone allows you to identify signal-overlap or other difficulties encountered during multiple-burial searches and helps in resolving demanding search scenarios. Automatic or manual mode possible.
  • Pro-Search Setting – The combination of a digital direction and distance indicator with an analog tone in standard search mode, and allows access to the Alternative Search Mode.
  • Clear overview and scrolling function in multiple burial scenarios: Gain an overview of multiple burial situations (up tp 16) for more efficient group searches and triage decisions.
  • Unmark function for multiple burials
  • Deep burial marking up to a distance of 6m
  • Vital data – Information about vital data and burial time is displayed in SEND mode for first responders.
  • Individually configurable settings for audio guidance, visual guidance, Pro Check, vital data detection and time-out definition for rescue send and auto-revert to send
  • W-Link: Additional communication channel for improved search performance
  • Skiing
  • 2620-00410
  • TypeDigital 3-antenna device
  • Buried subject markingmark
  • Sending frequency457 kHz
  • Battery typeAlkaline and lithium 3 x AAA 1.5 volt
  • Battery lifeStandard requirement: at least 200 hours SEND at 10 degrees Celsius, followed by 1 hour SEARCH, at -10 degrees Celsius
  • Batteries includedYes
Barryvox S FRGMT Edition - Europe, one size product image

Barryvox S FRGMT Edition - Europe, one size

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