This revolutionary double rope for alpine climbing and mountaineering offers significantly better cut resistance and fulfills all the standards of a dynamic climbing rope. With the Core Protect Rope, it's all in the name: there is an extra aramid sheath between the polyamide outer sheath and core to...
  • 6 out of 6
    Alpine Climbing
  • 6 out of 6
    Multipitch Climbing
  • 6 out of 6
    Ice & Mixed Climbing
  • 4 out of 6
    Glacier Touring
  • Significantly more cut-resistant under load on sharp edges thanks to its additional aramid sheath
  • Double certified half and twin rope
  • Achieves < 2% in UIAA water absorption tests
  • Ready to climb: the rope comes tangle-free and does not need to be uncoiled before first use
  • Abraision-resistant center mark
  • Optimized abrasion resistance thanks to Dry finishing
  • Lasting effectiveness in repelling water and dirt according to UIAA for maximum safety in the toughest conditions
  • Mountaineering, Climbing
  • 2010-04590
  • Diameter8.00 mm
  • Stretch on first fall30.00 %
  • Sheath proportion36.00 %
  • UIAA dry test2.00 %
  • Static elongation half rope9.00 %
  • UIAA falls (single rope 55 kg)5
  • Impact force6.4 / 9.8 kN
  • Weight43 g/m
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  • Increased cut resistance

    Cut-resistant aramid fibers create an extra layer of protection between the core and outer sheath.

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  • Dynamic properties

    Provides the same dynamics, handling, knotability, and water resistance as any other Mammut Dry rope.

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  • Multi-discipline

    As effective in alpine and mountaineering routes as it is multipitch climbing or trad climbing.

Award-winning, patented technology

Dynamic, easy-to-handle, and significantly more cut-resistant, our new Core Protect Dry Rope is built for safer climbing. The increased cut resistance comes from an extra layer of protection between the outer sheath and core, made from aramid – a military grade fiber renowned for its resistance.

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As a static material, aramid lacks the dynamic properties needed for a climbing rope – we combat this by braiding the aramid sheath with extra length. Under tension, the aramid can protect the core of the rope by unfolding to its full length, without being subject to the maximum force during the fall.

Why we developed the Core Protect Dry Rope

While the quality of today’s climbing ropes is very high, accidents still occur when sharp edges are involved. Usually, these are found in alpine routes, crack climbing along granite lines, and sports climbing due to sharp carabiners.

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Studies from the German Alpine Club found that broken ropes were the cause of 53 accidents between 1965-2015 – 35 by sharp edges. Accidents have also risen in recent years due to a trend towards thinner ropes. Our Core Protect Dry Rope increases the safety and cut-resistance compared to normal, dynamic climbing ropes.


Magnus RaströmSenior Product Manager Climbing Gear
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We put the Core Protect Dry Rope to the test.

Firstly, we created a realistic fall scenario, which saw a climber with 80kg follow a multi-pitch route before falling in a traverse over a granite edge, with 90 cm of slack in the system. We found that the additional aramid sheath not only protects the core of your rope when encountering a sharp edge – it does so even better than your normal, dynamic climbing rope.

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Next, our internal team tested it. Both our rope developers and our climbing team spent days at the Swiss crag to test and optimize the Core Protect Rope – not only as technical experts, but as passionate climbers who understand what the discipline requires.

Finally, we got Mammut athletes Jonas Schild and Katherine Choong to test the ropes outdoors, as well as several mountain guides in the Swiss Alps and around the world.

This vigorous testing, alongside the patented technology is how we've made sure that the Core Protect Dry Rope is ready for your next adventure in the mountains.

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