9.9 Gym Workhorse Classic Rope: highly abrasion-resistant climbing rope for the gym. The 9.9 Gym Workhorse Classic Rope features the most robust rope construction Mammut has ever produced. an optimized sheath construction with a fine, smooth surface for greater abrasion resistance in comparison to ropes with standard construction and similar diameters. Designed for intensive usage in climbing gyms.

  • 6 out of 6
    Gym Climbing
  • Workhorse construction for ultimate abrasion resistance
  • Abraision-resistant center mark
  • PFC-free
  • Made for lead climbing
  • Climbing
  • 2010-04310
  • Diameter9.90 mm
  • Stretch on first fall32.00 %
  • Sheath proportion40.00 %
  • UIAA dry test46.00 %
  • Static elongation single rope7.50 %
  • UIAA falls (single rope 80 kg)8
  • Impact force7.8 kN
  • Weight63 g/m

  • Hardware Main Fabric100% Polyamide

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