Scrambling blurs the boundaries between hiking, mountaineering and climbing. This was Mammut’s inspiration for developing the Aegility Pro Mid DT. Based on the innovative Mammut 360° Fusn Technology, it consists of just four parts, combining direct damping, secure grip and high comfort in a robust...
Mammut 360° Fusn technology
  • 6 out of 6
  • 5 out of 6
  • Speed lace system: efficient and precise. Elastic loops hold laces in lace zone.
  • Mountain Training, Hiking
  • 3030-04580
  • Weight (UK 5.5)310 g
  • Lace systemSpeed
  • SolesHigh rebound EVA wedge
  • MaterialNon Sew TPU
  • LiningDry-Technology
  • Heel drop8 mm
AegilityProMidDT W PDP-Terrain
Aegility Pro Mid DT shoe Mammut Fast Hiking

Whether crossing streams, moving through talus and scree, or pushing for a fast and steep ascent, Aegility Pro Mid DT turns challenging trails into your greatest playground.


  • Speed laces

    Quick and easy adjustment with no distractions

  • Wrap-around grip

    Robust lateral and base grip with Mammut rubber compound

  • Waterproof membrane

    Reliable protection with Mammut DRYtechnology®

Innovative design

Mammut 360° Fusn Technology redefines the hiking shoe with a streamlined design offering all the benefits you need in just four components.

360° elastic knitted upper adapts to your foot morphology for the perfect fit.

AegilityProMidDT W PDP-Shoe02

“We’ve put all our expertise and footwear experience into this shoe.”

Christoph HĂĽhnerbein, Mammut Head of Project Management Footwear

Aegility Pro Mid DT shoe Mammut Fast Hiking
Aegility Pro Mid DT shoe Mammut Fast Hiking
Aegility Pro Mid DT shoe Mammut Fast Hiking

Close-to-ground forefoot construction for optimal control

Sustainability through innovation. At Mammut, creating a world moved by mountains is not only about making the best gear to enhance your alpine experience: it is about taking steps to protect the places we love by reducing our carbon footprint. Mammut 360° Fusn Technology embodies this ideal. Based on a streamlined design, each shoe is constructed with just four parts. For Aegility Pro Mid DT, the result is a dynamic, lightweight shoe created with ca. 73% less components and 60% fewer processes than other Mammut shoes in the same category. This is the perfect example of how less can be so much more.

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