Barryvox S

High-end beacon with animated instructions

400.00 EUR

Intuitive beacon for faster and easier search

300.00 EUR
Barryvox Package Light

Reliable lightweight avalanche safety package

400.00 EUR
Barryvox S Package

High-end beacon package with shovel and probe

470.00 EUR
Barryvox Package

Reliable High-Quality Avalanche Safety Package

360.00 EUR
Barryvox Package Pro Light

Reliable and Light Avalanche Safety Package

430.00 EUR
Barryvox Tester 2.0 without W-Link Stick

Test Device for Barryvox Avalanche Transceivers

1,380.00 EUR
Barryvox W-Link Stick

USB Adapter for Wireless Communication With Barryvox Devices

120.00 EUR